Tefal Steam Generator Irons – Cutting Your Ironing Time In Half

Whether you live alone or have a house full of kids to run after, ironing is – at best – a necessary evil. For most people it is a dull, monotonous and seemingly never ending chore. Any way of making it easier and/or faster would be very welcome in the vast majority of households.

Steam generator irons certainly offer a number of advantages in comparison with conventional steam irons. The main difference with this type of iron – also known as “continuous steam” irons – is that the steam is generated in a separate base unit which contains both the water reservoir and a boiler, rather than in the body of the iron itself.

This produces a number of advantages. Firstly, since there is no water in the body of the iron itself, it is lighter and easier to move around. Combine the reduced weight with a super smooth sole plate and ironing becomes – if not exactly a joy – very much easier.

The second big advantage is that the separate base unit produces much more steam than a standard steam iron – and it is at a higher pressure. This means that the steam penetrates the fabric of the garment being pressed more easily. It’s possible to iron both sides of even fairly heavy garments in one pass.

The quality of the finished garments will be better than that which would be achieved with a standard iron. More importantly, these results will be achieved in much less time – a reduction of 50% in ironing time is genuinely achievable.

It’s true that steam generator irons do cost a little, but not too much, more than normal irons – but the results are well worth it. If you value your time at even the minimum wage then you will very quickly more than justify your investment.

It’s always worth checking online for bargains. Amazon nearly always have discounts – and delivery is free. Take a couple of minutes to check out our buyer’s guide to Tefal steam generator irons and you’ll know how to spot a bargain.

Tefal protect steam generator iron

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