Tefal Steam Generator Irons – Some Frequently Asked Questions

Tefal Steam Generator Iron FAQs

If you’re unfamiliar with steam generator irons, you may be wondering about certain aspects of their design, use and operation. The questions below are often asked, so they’ve been collected together here. Hopefully this will be helpful for you.

If your question isn’t featured here, then feel free to ask it in the comments section. You may also find further information in our steam generator irons buyer’s guide.

What’s the difference between a steam generator iron and a standard steam iron?
A conventional steam iron has the water in the body of the iron. A steam generator iron has a separate water tank and boiler which feeds larger quantities of steam at high pressure to the iron head, from where it can penetrate deep into the fabric of the garment being pressed. This will halve your ironing time and also produce a superior quality of finished garment.

If the steam is at high pressure, is there a risk of explosion?
No. The pressure is higher than standard steam irons but is still relatively low. An emergency steam release valve is fitted, purely as a precaution, and the boiler is fabricated from stainless steel – so there’s no risk of corrosion.

Can steam be used on all heat settings?
Yes. Since the steam is produced independently, you can use steam on even the lowest heat setting if you wish.

What type of water should I use with my Tefal steam generator iron?
Tefal steam generator irons are specifically designed for use with normal tap water. You should not fill your iron with water from any other source, including demineralised water, distilled water, scented water or softened water.

I live in a hard water area. Is scale likely to be a problem?
Because the heating element is outside the water tank, scale build up is prevented. However, all Tefal steam generator irons are fitted with a patented anti-calc system which is easy to use. Simply unscrew it and hold it under running tap water whenever the indicator light tells you to.

Do I need a special ironing board?
Because steam generator irons produce a huge amount of steam, you should use an ironing board which has a mesh construction. Otherwise there will be a build up of condensation and the clothes being ironed may become damp. It’s also worth noting that steam generator irons are larger than standard irons. Make sure that your steam generator ironing board is large enough and sturdy enough to accommodate this – or, alternatively, you could position the base unit on the floor or on a nearby worktop if you prefer.

More information on the different types of steam generator irons available from Tefal can be found at our steam generator iron comparison page.

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